This is my first morning to miss the pounding of the pavement as the sun peeps over the horizon. And I can feel the difference. I am less alert and as I look at the clock, I realise that I’ve done very little – besides Social Media checks, children minding arrangements (school holidays looming) and web reading!

Whilst that is somewhat productive, I have missed that 90 minutes of productiveness (hairy quest) – which I’ll need to complete during the madness of the day. With so many things to read and review it’s a blessing when some bright spark uses pictures to convey the message, saving me time and my brain power.

I must say that I love a good Infographic! Do you? I follow Guy Kawasaki & Randy Krum on Twitter – they never let me down with a good dose of graphics! I quickly grasp the data and my brain can recall some of the stats. I’ll push you again to John Medina’s book ‘brain rules’ – Rule #10 Vision – “we learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.” So, there’s a little challenge for you if you are a leader and presenting to the troops – get visual!

I’ll get off my Soap Box, actually, I like being up there – is that one of the benefits of blogging? So many people have so much to say but they agonise over the sickening feeling of standing on the ‘box’. It’s so much easier to communicate through a screen! If you want to get on that box, eyeball to eyeball, you need to invest in yourself and spend some time with me at a Listen to ME! Workshop: helping people (in particular, women) confidently communicate in public.

How's your personal quest progressing?