Quick Fix Solutions

I realised yesterday that there is a growing demand for quick fix solutions. On several occasions, the same request, albeit communicated differently, was loud and clear. Please help us – we need a solution which can be implemented or delivered quickly.

It would appear that this era of ‘time-poor’ professionals is so entrenched that even ‘HR’ folk are throwing their hands up and caving in to this ‘quick fix’ demand. So, what does it look like? Is it an App, is it virtual technology assisted conversations, is it ‘an hour of power’ face-to-face workshops or is it a team discovery conversation?

No matter what the solution is and who-ever is the quickest to intervene and deliver the solution there is still a need for a sustainable strategy. And, the quick fix solution for sustainability is Leadership. You need at least one person to role-model, share stories, push motivation buttons, host the tough conversations and to take a helicopter view of the change.

Quick Fixes can be expensive if the ‘other important stuff’ isn’t included in the solution.  I always liken the quick fix solution with quick drying cement – tough to sort out if you’re not totally organised and prepared beforehand!