There’s some talk going around that there isn’t a need or it’s ‘out-dated’ to send Christmas Cards!

I’m sure I have said this; yes you can quote me on this, however the point is - who you send them too.

On the weekend I walked away from an event with only three envelopes (with cards inside) which is very unusual – I would generally receive 15 from this group so I started pondering – “Is this the demise of the Christmas Card?”

I believe in giving cards however there is Christmas Card Etiquette:

1.       Send cards by ‘snail mail’ post (e.g. Christmas, Holiday Season or ‘Happy New Year’) to people whom you don’t directly communicate with on a regular basis (including Social Media).

2.       Hand-write and personalise your message - a signature will not suffice. Your message intent is to convey ‘I'm thinking of you at this happy time’.

3.       Avoid the ‘drop out’ surprise e.g. gift card, business card or a five page year-in-review!

4.       And if you haven’t realised, avoid scanning or attaching your card and sending it by Facebook, Email, Twitter or any other Social Media option – refer back to Point One & Two!

5.       Finally, avoid concern if you don’t receive a card in return, the saying ‘to give is to receive’ is rather apt.

Start writing your card list (check your spelling) and it’s time to get the overseas cards in the post! (This message is not sponsored by Australia Post!)