Four Powerful Words: I'M PROUD OF YOU

There are four very powerful words that can make a difference to the people in your life. These can be young people, your children, work colleagues, your team, your partner and a tough one, your ‘boss.

“I’m proud of you” were the four words I uttered to the kids this morning when we walked to class for the last time in 2012. “I’m proud of You: for completing all your work, your excellent school reports and especially for completing the whole year at school.” There was no response, but the hugs & kisses said enough for me! (A proud mum!)

You can’t say you’re proud and not mean it. It must come from the emotionally intelligent depth of your heart & mind – delving into all the experiences, an eruption occurs and the word ‘Proud’ pours out of your mouth.

Many people talk about being proud of being Australian (or their origin country) or proud to work for their company, however we don’t always hear people say “I’m proud to be your friend”.

In your end of year speeches, ‘floor walking comments’, the ‘toast’ at the family Christmas (festive) lunch, give some thought on how you can incorporate these four very powerful words.