I did it! I ran 5kms yesterday morning. I participated in my first Fun Run. Phew!

After a simple question placed onto a ‘closed’ Facebook page used by ‘Mums’ in my neighbourhood – “Does anyone know if there’s a running group here or does anyone want to start one with me?” I was inundated by interest. However, it culminated yesterday, with three ‘Mums’ who had trained for months, to finally complete our goal.

On reflection, I am amazed at how resilient our bodies are and how focused our brain can be. We can push our bodies to literally do anything and if we concentrate, we can train our brain to ignore the pain and believe it can achieve.

As I ran yesterday, there were several times I thought it was all too hard, I was thirsty and breathing was an effort however I switched into ‘brain’ mode and thought of all my Supporters who donated money and after placing their faces onto buildings, I started dedicating part of my run to them – thanking them as I passed them. It worked! Every time I did this, I forgot about the pain!

I’m sure this has, does and can work in our businesses – what do you think?