Leading in Customer Service

When did you last experience amazing ‘Customer Service’? Think about it!

If you had to think about it, that’s a concern; however, I would not be surprised if you were to say “It’ been a while.”

Why is this so? With the technologies of this age and competition of design, cost and delivery, you would consider ‘service’ as the differentiator? We should be ‘Leading in Customer Service’.

We experienced a kind of service yesterday which will be talked of for years. After a ‘hot’ game of golf, to the extent we were delirious, we arrived at a Hotel for lunch and were swept up into a world of care, fun, food, ‘bubbles’, people and chatter. All the nuances of ‘Customer Service’ were tested and carried out and it was 11/10 every step of the way.

And do you know what – it wasn’t difficult for them - it appeared that it was second nature. However, I suspect the proprietors: 1. Hired well, 2. Treated their staff respectfully, 3. Demonstrated ‘how it’s done here’ 4. Are leaders in their industry (family business) and 5. Loved what they were doing.

Customer Service is the answer to all the equations of businesses and I believe we have a long way to go in being identified as a nation that delivers it amazingly well. It will take great leadership to pull us out of the mindset of ‘she’ll be right mate’ and into one which considers ‘what more can I do for you’. We have to stop being lazy and lead with a dynamic proactive approach.

Are you responsible for Customer Service?