The Magic Test

It’s a magical today – the 12th of the 12th of the 12th – in case you’ve just woken up and hadn’t realised.

Twelve is my favourite number and I always feel extra special on the 12th!  I’m not superstitious, on the other hand, I wouldn’t say I was rational, however to have three 12s in a row, it’s mighty special.

So, today I am spending my time with three special Ladies, playing the thing I love, Golf, drinking the beverage of my choice, Champagne, discussing and planning my Leadership Practice in 2013 and then doing another thing I dearly love, shopping! Life couldn’t get much better!

Luckily I have my own business and can plan the time to do such things – however  it does mean getting up at crazy hours of the day, working at night and on the weekend – that’s the choice I make to do what I’m really good at, really love doing and being around the people that I like spending time with!

How about you? How well do you perform at the ‘MAGIC’ Test: 1. Do I do what I love to do? 2. Do I spend my working time with people I like? 3: Do I earn the money I need for my lifestyle? 4. Finally, would I introduce the people I spend my time with as my ‘friends’?

Have a Magic Day and aim to perform some magic – you have more of a chance today!