Mini-Milestones Require Mini-Celebrations

If you’re on your Quest to achieve, implement or adopt your CHANGE, there is a need to have mini-milestones which then require a mini-celebration.

These five focus on the speed to ease to complete:

1.       Buy yourself or the team a treat or a surprise – something to make them feel happy and rewarded.
2.       Grant yourself a reprieve from the consistency of the CHANGE challenge – take a little break.
3.       Share the excitement – invite others into the story of the CHANGE e.g. take a photo and share on social media.
4.       Chill out and dream of the bigger Milestone celebration – what would make you feel fabulous?
5.       Go and do what you truly love doing – hopefully it’s quick!

Pampering our self-worth is a worthwhile experience. Feel good about yourself knowing you did what you set out to do.