I encountered a glorious morning as I arrived at the beach for a brisk walk – not a sole in sight! I value these moments; the opportunity to clear the head, think about what I want to achieve during the day – identifying the mini-moments to CHANGE pace or the mammoth-moments to take on a big bite of the day’s challenges.

If you’re working on a CHANGE, then it’s moments like the ‘quiet beach’ to reflect. Take time out now (go for a walk around the block) and ponder on the past seven days and then decide how to approach these four behaviour tactics for the next seven days:

LESS: What can I slow down or ditch doing? What is giving me or others the least output, value or support?

DIFFERENT: What can I switch or pitch differently? A slight CHANGE in direction can make a huge difference in the destination. Consider the analogy of a yacht changing one degree of direction.

BETTER: What is working OK, which you know you could improve? What feedback or advice have you received which you haven’t implemented?

MORE: What works wonderfully well which if done even better would be brilliant? Or, If you did 20% more of what is currently working for you, think of the consequence!

I learnt this simple formula from Martin L. Cohen M.D., many moons ago and I apply it to all aspects of my life, every week. Give it a try!