The weekend is generally a tough time to concentrate and hold yourself to your commitment to change. There are too many influences and a routine disruption.

This is why your Stakeholders are an important support for you – in particular on the third day. It can be the toughest. It’s a make or break day!

If your goal involves food and alcohol – the subconscious kick in – it controls all thoughts and your sight is heightened – making you see the food you’re not supposed to eat or the wine you’re avoiding!

The three approaches a stakeholder can aid you are:

1.       By joining you! Let them feel the challenge and you can support each other.
2.       Keeping you busy and distract you from the ‘old’ habit or the familiar behaviour.
3.       Encouraging you to achieve the goal – telling you that “you can do it”.

Keep up with the positive self- talk, write and read the messages and affirmations and ask your stakeholders to support you.

Now, it’s time to start planning how you will reward yourself at the first designated milestone date. Keep your mind occupied by dreaming of the reward and the day.