4 = V

When things get tough, it’s easy to give up. Most people do!

We are habitual, we enjoy structure and the stimuli associated with doing what we ‘normally’ do to keep the status quo.

When people create a vision, which in this case is the ability to see the end result of a goal on Day 30, there is a greater chance of success.

Day 4 = Vision.

Vision requires you to mentally focus on your transformation: seeing yourself doing what you want the change to impose. A couple of years ago I was advised by my doctor to make a big change. So, I visualised the next meeting with that doctor, and the positive conversation we had. I worked every day and night with the ‘doctor conversation’ always vivid in my mind.

If you’ve cracked the first 72 hours of CHANGE pain then it’s going to be easy for a few days. The next 10-11 days should progress well.

Today is the day to see the future differently!