Is Leadership on your Radar?

While listening to the radio in the car my ‘leadership radar’ picked up an example of what I believe is Leadership. The language, tone and the message was vivid and absolutely ‘left field’ honest.  Sister Annette Cunliffe, President Catholic Religious Australia identified the behaviours of her peers which were not acceptable. Yippee!

My Leadership radar continually searches for those who can communicate their decisions, vision, actions and many aspects of their life roles and then beeps louder when ‘followers’ talk of their Leaders – with the ability to articulate specifically what they do according to their ‘radar’!

What is ironic is that the terms of ‘Leader’ and ‘Leadership’ are loosely made by our media and those quoted by the media with no description or example of their labelling. Our famous cricketer captain, Ricky Ponting was described the ‘greatest Leader’ yesterday upon his retirement. Excuse me for my lack of sporting knowledge let along cricket followship – but please tell us why – help people learn what Leadership looks like (and doesn’t look like!)

If your Leadership Quest is to get onto peoples’ radars, then be clear about what your Leadership looks like, on a consistent basis, do it and share this information with your followers.

Your followers are the people checking their radar!