We tend to spend time planning and plenty of time doing. However, do we spend enough time concluding? For many, it means finishing things off, tying the bow on the final package you’ve created. And many people tell me that this is the most challenging component – finishing it off!

So, let’s consider how best to prepare to conclude 2012:

1.       Who would you like to thank? Who has referred business to you, had ‘coffee time’ with you to share an idea or issue and which relationships do you really appreciate?  Send them a card (hand written of course) or even a gift that recognises your appreciation.

2.       Complete a project matrix – identify the project stage, relationship status and map how the next stage will conclude.

3.       December is the month to celebrate achievements -acknowledge progress, completions and start-ups. Prepare events, social connection time and if possible, write about it – share your journey.

4.       December is also the time to plan for 2013 – or at least the next 90 days - this planning will work constructively if you have packaged 2012 into your matrix.

5.       Finally, prepare your downtime – close things off and take a break. Recharge your body and mind for 2013. Can you cope with no social media, devices and plans?

To enable this to happen, engage others and share the conclusion.