Women are getting the raw deal, in so many arenas. We’ve just ‘celebrated’ or should I say, highlighted White Ribbon Day – insisting there is a stop put to ‘violence on women’. Conversely, at a forum I attended last night, three women – leaders in their field of Science & Engineering, including Professor Fiona Stanley highlighted the need to start attracting more young women into studying in their broad fields.

In Australia we are focusing on enticing women onto boards, with a national imposition on companies to ‘spank‘ them if they don’t have a female representation on their boards by 2015. And when I think back to my corporate days, I was the first female to enter the ranks of senior management in the credit risk arena of my company.

I could go on, however, this is not a ‘blame & shame’ rant, I just want to identify the obvious: women are different, we have a unique perspective on matters, we approach things differently, we bring a richness to the table and we apply common sense.

So Women, it’s not working fabulously as it is, so it might be a case of changing your approach to helping our men out by being bold and adding a women’s perspective. As Marita Cheng, Young Australian of the Year put it, “I just suppress my emotions, go out and do it and worry about it later.”