You have the power to set the tone of your business, your team and of your personal demeanour.  Your leadership, the way you role-model your interactions, conversations and generally how you behave with others is all a matter of choice. Always!

To test this out, start off this week by purposely setting the tone - of your choice. If you want a positive week, kick off with a morning team meeting. Share your vision and goals for the week, briefly, and ask individuals to share their goals. Then discuss how you plan to achieve these goals, likewise, ask the same people.  By sharing and exchanging this information, you can then ‘follow-up’ your team to see how you can support them, or even celebrate their progress.

If your choice is a negative week – be inconsistent in your behaviour and communication, ignore your team and stay in your office (if you have one). Enough said!

So, what are you waiting for, arrange that meeting and set the tone!