Whether you work for yourself, on your own or with a bunch of folk, there are times when you need to stop being too serious and have some fun.

I’ve just been for my morning run with a group of girls and we just had a belly-ache laugh as no-one could get their devices to work to tell us if we’d run our target 5kms! Technology!!

So, how do you purposely inject fun into your office?  I have a book, ‘Managing to Have Fun’ by Matt Weinstein, it’s been around for a while and I haven’t looked at it for years – not that that indicates that I haven’t had fun, but when I was in the corporate world, I used it quite a few times for ideas. The best ‘prank’ lasted several months: a colleague and I bought cakes and would leave them in a person’s ‘pigeon hole’ – everyone loved it and it created fun for everyone, trying to determine ‘who did it’!! When they cracked it, we laughed for hours! (It was worth the ‘cake & time’ expense.)

And a tougher question – how do you have fun on your own? We get so caught up in our plans, in time and meeting targets, do we ever put ‘FUN’ into our diary. Well, I’ve decided to do something about that today! I have an ‘errands day’ and I’m going to be seriously silly!

Have Fun!