What Have You Achieved In 21 Days?

It’s said flippantly, however there’s plenty of research and evidence supporting this statement: it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

If you started November with the intention to CHANGE, then this is the day to evaluate and celebrate or take solace. 21 days is a lengthy period, enough time to crack a repetitive flaw or quite possibly increase a rarely used talent.

CHANGE comes in many colours but like anything, new structures form and we get used to the new form in our daily life. It’s awkward, and you’re conscious but it will become repetitive and sucked into the vortex of your subconscious.

If “Learning is Life” and we’re on our Leadership Quest, these past 21 days may have uncovered what you’re looking for or at least uncovered something lurking in your past that needs sorted.

Only nine more days of CHANGE November!