I received a call yesterday from a dear ‘mature’ lady – I don’t want to say that ‘O’ word, I’m removing it from my vocabulary! She introduced herself and that she was calling from an organisation which I’m currently raising money for as I’m participating in a Fun-run – I’m a first timer!

She just said, “I just wanted to say thank you for raising the money, you’ve nearly reached your target and I think that’s wonderful”. I was stumped. She wasn’t asking me for money, she was simply encouraging me through her gratitude. She also told me that she was a survivor of the big ‘C’ and that the the other survivor girls will be in a tent and I was to come and say “hello” as all the girls want to thank me. How unbelievable is that. It was so genuine that when I hung the phone up I couldn’t concentrate on my work!

In your role of leadership, your communication use of these two words - ‘thank you’ could be a smart choice. Use then thoughtfully and regularly and watch the difference in the people that you influence.