Today I’m taking the day off to go to the Zoo. It’s my daughters’ grades final excursion trip and whilst I’d normally avoid an event with a bunch of five & six year olds, I’ve decided to ‘smell the roses’. And no doubt, smell some other interesting aromas!

Being my own ‘Boss’ it’s a decision that I can easily make – it’s a matter of adjusting my diary and being ‘mobile’ for the day. However, I plan to not take my iPad and placing my phone on silent so that I can just soak up the excitement which 125 kids can and will create (and their 50 parents & teachers)!

I am guilty of enjoying what I do in my business and being way too serious at times so my ‘development plan’ needs to identify ‘time out’ to do nothing or simply do something different. 

However, what is far more important and the real reason I’m doing it, I have one very excited daughter – her Mum is coming with her to school and to the Zoo, for the whole day. I am being the person my daughter wants and needs me to be!  How many times do I hear myself saying this to Leaders about their people?