I design!

I design the use of time by adults – which I get paid to do!  I suppose I do the same for children, being a parent (with no payment!)

I design lots of things and activities for my clients. I’ve had to ask quite a few questions to understand the shape, size, surface and smell (metaphorically speaking). Questions unlock the desire and ideas in their heads!

I recall asking “what don’t you want it to look like?” and that took us back to a blank canvas. Alternatively, I’ve asked “at the end of the day, what do you want them to say about the day?” The answer produced the much needed legs of the team-meeting I was constructing.

When you are the thought leader of your profession, no matter what you do, your arsenal of questions will open the conversation, create thinking and design a solution.

What will you do today which will get you better results than yesterday? (I like this little question!)