A Good Question

Our world is occupied by a series of conversations. Some of which occur on ‘automatic pilot’! People speak; rarely ask questions, they just speak. These relationships involve acquaintances and sadly some loved ones.

Then there are the faceless conversations created through social media which is more commentary than conversation. People put information ‘out there’ and others choose to play the game.

On the reverse side, you have a conversation based on a good question; one which stops you in your tracks makes you think, reminisce or create and the time disappears. 

Building and maintaining a good relationship is based on the art of crafting and asking good questions; our curiousity to know what the other ‘party’ thinks, feels and knows about a matter generates  a connection of trust and respect. Of course you need to offer your skill of hearing, the ability to sift through the words and the intent. Mashed together the output can be brilliant.

A good question is one which halts automatic pilot and forces someone to share information which is theirs, not the publics. The continuing ability to capture this personal information is about asking more ‘good’ questions. Your test is to learn something about someone which you didn’t already know!