We cracked the eight minute run yesterday morning. It was only a few weeks ago that we struggled to achieve 90 seconds!

Setting incremental goals has really worked well for us. It’s taken a little longer than expected, we didn’t always get it right first, but we persisted and it was such elation after completing the second eight minutes. No rest for the wicked!

I’m approaching my Practice quite differently – it’s been three weeks, the success rate hasn’t been fabulous however I aim to continue as I know that it will work in the long-run. It’s refreshing and rather exciting to look at things differently. I’ve found myself falling back into the ‘old way’ and snapping myself to attention to refocus. I forget that I’m ‘only’ human!

Like the running, it would be easy to give up. However, there are a bunch of people I would personally ‘let down’. This is something foreign for me, even to consider. Worst of all, I’d let myself down which doesn’t generally happen. I like to set rewards for myself and especially others at milestone points – so there is no way I’m giving up!

So, as I head out the door at 5.45am for my run, I read this affirmation printed on a card at my computer – I am abundant in every good way. I can do it. (Wish me luck!)