Fear.  It’s such a debilitating emotion.

It can be handy at times – especially when we are aroused by danger.

However, more often it’s something that our mind plays with – teasing us and preventing us doing what could, should and would be done if we tackled and kept in control.

Last night, my son couldn’t sleep – he was having ‘bad thoughts’ which he eventually explained as the fear of his sister and Gran turning into terrible monsters.  I asked him “when did you last see this actually happen?”  After a moment, we concluded that we couldn’t recall an instance! Hopefully we’ve knocked that ‘fear’ on the head.

There’s a public speaking cliché which we’ve all heard – “I’d rather die, than make a public speech.” Have you said it? I recall feeling so nauseous that I contemplated an alternative and now I wish I’d receive a dollar for every repeat.

I’ve discovered how to control this emotion of ‘fear’ when asked to speak publicly. The one which attacks our lungs, stomach and bowels, giving us a horrendous feeling! Once you know the methods to minimise the fear effects, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!