Leadership contributes to happiness.

If you can determine, understand and acknowledge what makes a person happy, you are on the right path to conquer your goals in your Leadershp Quest.

Given leadership generally involves other people, you will have more chances of success if can ‘crack the code’ and unlock the mysteries of these people: - what drives them, what their underlying motives are in life - in other words, understand their ‘WHY?’

Because we’re strange creatures, I personally don’t always succeed at ‘guessing’ peoples’ motives – I’m probably better than most but I do cheat! I use a great tool, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) which gives me a good heads up and aids the communication game.

Without ‘cheating’ I look for clues, listen to the language used when they appear happy and ‘stressed out’ and I look for the consistencies and then their inconsistencies! This approach takes some time – if you’re ‘in the business’ you’ll have this intellectual property. As an external specialist, I’m not privy to this source of important data.

So, if you sort out the ‘why’ of the people around you, then work together to contribute to satisfying their ‘why’ you’ll have a happier crowd of followers. However, it’s far easier to ignore this leadership quest, it’s difficult. Coincidently, it’s a struggle for many to list the great leaders in their life!