Celebrate Femininity

I thoroughly enjoy being a woman. And, I welcome the opportunity of being in the company of other women, especially those who also enjoy their femininity.

I worked out early on in my ‘corporate’ career that other women wore trousers (pants) to climb the corporate ladder – I say that metaphorically - they adopted the behaviours of men to get to the same destination that their counterparts were aiming towards.

Women possess so many unique qualities which they can and do bring to the ‘table’ in business. In particular, it’s gorgeous when a woman holds her ground - it defies all odds. (My husband knows that he will never win the argument in our household!) We conquer intuition; emotional intelligence is somewhat easier and we enjoy deep listening.

We already have enough men doing a grand job at what they do, with women coming in ‘second place’ too often. (I am not blaming the men – I really time men!)

Be who you are, be feminine, be confident in your skin, devoid yourself of any adopted ‘male’ behaviours and be graciously you. Today is a great day to consider a feminine trait which you can reacquaint yourself with – 'work it honey' to achieve your day’s goals.