Leaders who Facilitate

I’m heading into Melbourne to facilitate a Leadership workshop for a group of people -our next generation of leaders. The role of facilitation is not used loosely as it’s not an easy gig to keep 27 participants involved, let alone remembering their names within the first couple of hours!

Facilitation is an art, a craft, a skill and a great experience. It’s more than asking some questions and writing responses on the whiteboard. It’s taking a group on a journey, joining the dots, being aware of their energy levels, their learning styles whilst challenging them to think, feel and be the change their looking for or being offered.

The facilitation space is evolving: new technologies, graphic recording, gamification (Google it), smart venues and an understanding of physiology (what to feed people to keep them awake).

As a leader, you can differentiate yourself by mastering the techniques of facilitation and applying them to your team meetings, client briefings and it’s useful when dealing with conflicting decision making (even at home!)