Extroversion vs. Introversion

While viewing a T.V. show last night about young children, there was a discussion on the display of the traits extroversion and introversion. I was drawn to a little boy who was the ‘odd’ one out. He was demonstrating both.  He coped well, making new friends, playing with other children and showing amazing empathy; on the other hand, quietly retreated to his space and played for hours on his own.

We tend to see these traits on a continuum and talk as having a predominance of being high on one or the other. These days I enjoy my own company – energized and motivated to complete my set tasks and deadlines.  On the other hand, I’m always eager to jump in from of a group to facilitate a conversation and inject some fun.

I wonder if leading groups of people, organisations and managing businesses have pushed me in both directions - to be flexible. When a choice of behaviour or action is offered, I don’t have a clear preference – however, I do support Jung’s theory of primary and secondary and it can be vice versa.

On one day I like to spend the day writing and on the second day, like tomorrow, give me room of people and I will facilitate until the cows come home! Being a leader it begins by being aware of self. Which trait do you prefer?