Your Coaching Tool

Like a Mentor, a Coach can be the ‘life changing’ person in your career, business and personal life!

Unlike a Mentor, a Coach requires some additional skills and these days, you can obtain qualifications if you want to get serious about the matter.

However, as a leader on your quest, Coaching can be simplified as another tool to add to your kit bag. When pulled out and used, it will differentiate you from other leaders in your game.

Coaching is about:
1.       Asking a series of questions to establish and understand goals, fears, actions and commitment
2.       Listening to the responses and assisting with the identification of a course of action to achieve
3.       Reiterating responses to enable decision making

I like to keep coaching unassuming to enable any leader to do their job and I recommend the GROW model. You will find enough information on the internet to get cracking at the questions suggested in each section of the acronym.

One final piece of advice … don’t jump in with your advice!