Fabulous Friday ... Again!

It’s the end of the week (well, for those that work a traditional week) and there are many ways to make it fabulous for you and the team.

To this day, I amaze people when I share my corporate world stories including making Fridays a communication day – that is, F:F – no emails – you had to connect by face of ‘fone’ (I had to be smart!). We also encouraged it a day of creative thinking – with limited meetings and of course, it was relatively casual because you were at your desk or locked in a ‘thinking room’.

It was always a celebration day – hosting a morning tea to celebrate the week’s birthdays, team announcements, etc. (the birthday team members would pay for the morning tea.)

It was a change day – we’d announce any changes to processes, procedures and to the calendar for the following week. There was always a million & one things to share – easier to ‘remind’ people in case it was lost in an email!

Friday was also a day to host a monthly gathering of a 100+ people. We would provide an amazing morning tea and would use the time to provide awards to team members and teams for their previous months’ achievements.

And do you know what, most people came to work on a Friday – it was never a day to have a ‘Doona Day’.