What do you do at the end of the year with your team? Challenge them, control them or celebrate with them?

Whilst it’s important to celebrate the festive holiday period (dare I say, the important Christian event) you have an opportunity to ‘tap into’ the excitement of the team. Of course you’d give your team some time to get out and shop (you’re a great leader – you know these things) so the anxiety is lessened – so power-up the creatively and innovation.

 So, don’t leave it to the last minute – prepare for 2013 with your team. Here are a few ideas:
1.       Team Day – ask a smaller group within the team to plan activities to build the strengths of the team – what are the quarterly targets you’re wishing to bust?
2.       2013 Goals Day – encourage everyone to present their business & personal goals, requesting ideas from to the team on how they can help support & achieve these goals.
3.       Game Day – put a spin on the arduous goal setting and create some fun games and if you’re handy with technology, take it one step further to gamification! Check it out.
4.       Unsolved problems Day – brainstorm all the problems of the business, categorise and attempt to address the top five in the next 10 weeks. Put the rest to bed.
5.       Wicked Ideas Day – have a crazy day – encourage any ideas to get thinking and feeling how better the business can be in 2013.

I spend quite a bit of time with teams and most enjoy that ‘get away from the office’ time. This in itself could be your reward and thank-you to your team for their efforts in 2012.