75 Day Challenge

Was there anything you said in 2011 that you wanted to do or achieve in 2012? A goal or a change to the way you do what you do? Well, have you done it? Yippee! If you have and if you haven’t, there is still time – 75 days to be precise. That’s plenty of time to do many things.

There are generally two types of people: those that are ruled by the clock (that’s me) and those that float in time. Neither is better, but one is handy for the next 75 days if you want to achieve something.

If I can possibly help you do what you said you’d do by the year’s end, these are the five steps to follow:

1.       Write it down – describe what the end result looks like – the goal or the change
2.       Break it down – what will you do every day and every week to achieve it
3.       Speak it up – share it with people close to you – ask them specifically how to support you
4.       Ramp it up – once you’ve got into the swing of it, increase the daily challenges
5.       Celebrate – reward yourself (and your support crew) when you achieve incremental goals/changes!

You can do it! It’s like eating an elephant – break it down into bite-sized pieces. Eating it whole would give you indigestion!