Decision Making Dilemma

If I ask my son to make a decision, it’s a long drawn out affair. He really struggles.  I’m unsure why this is so, at eight, he’s a bit young to analyse!

My theory at this stage, about ‘decision making’ is unless you’re totally passionate about something, which makes it easy to decide; then it’s about making choices. Because we have too many options to select from, dilemma occurs and we struggle to make a decision.

I’ve know people to find themselves a Mentor to help with their Decision Making ability – which is a fabulous idea. There is nothing sacred here – being able to make a decision is a fabulous talent to possess, and if you can find someone who does it well, then you’re onto something, big-time.

Earlier in my career, I taught decision making! We would explore simple to complex methodologies which was about the risk factor – how to limit the exposure!

I believe women have great decision-making abilities, putting the learning aside, we have this amazing thing called intuition or commonly referred to as, a gut-feeling or a hunch! And you know what, we don’t use it enough.