Do you offer a 'return on investment'?

When you purchase an item, do you consider the ‘return on investment’? I’m talking of a well sized spend which you might contemplate for a while – whether that be a day or a month.

I looked at a training company’s learning model yesterday which was significantly well thought out; there would be no opportunity to not learn and more importantly, make a difference to the client’s bottom line.

Too often we venture into ‘shopping mode’ without considering the change we’re seeking, our usual behaviour would be to baulk at prices, especially if we run the mantra of seeking out quantity rather than quality. On the flip side, measuring the outcome and value alignment can be arduous but could well make it less expensive in the long run.

Consider what you offer, whether it’s yourself as a service or a physical item – and focus on the ‘return’ you promise. A rethink of what that is might be in order! I haven’t stopped thinking about it.