It’s so nice to be recognised - especially when it’s unexpected. For some folk, it doesn’t happen regularly and for us sole practice owners it’s less likely as we don’t have a ‘boss’ let alone work colleagues. So, it’s vital to practise ‘recognition giving’ to support this important practice.

I completed a LinkedIn Poll yesterday and it was obvious that people enjoyed their workplace if they were recognised. It kicked the butt of all other poll options, especially ‘salary’.

What does ‘being recognised’ mean? I’ve found that it’s different for everyone; where a voucher for a dinner date would excite someone, a pat on the back with a hand-written note of ‘thanks’ is priceless for another.

When I give it some meaningful thought, I relive conversations and activities with the people I’d like to recognise, this creates a picture of what ‘turns them on’ – are they private or public, an individual or part of a team – picking up on these clues provide an image of their motivation – which in turn provides some clarity as to what and how you recognise them.

The greatest sin of a Leader is to use the ‘sheep dip’ approach. The clarity of your awareness and understanding of behaviours of others and then your consciousness of their frequency and consistency of demonstration – you’re more likely to get it right.

Your Leadership Quest is to know what ‘turns people on’ and recognising them the right way. It’s not that easy – like leadership!