In my office ...

If I'm not coaching, mentoring or facilitating a workshop, I'm generally in my office creating content, designing programs or researching new material for my workshops.


I most enjoy working with individuals and teams to increase their performance. To take them to a place where they feel happy: with their efforts and their outcomes. 


Get in contact if you're looking for direction, guidance or information about your leadership development.

leadership development services:

Coaching - identify meaningful aspirations, motivations, strengths and goals and be held accountable by your Coach to map out, align, execute and review your achievements and failures.

Mentoring - when you realise that you don't have all the answers, you have an option to employ a Mentor.  A Mentor has been and is a Leader and is there to answer your questions, share stories, experiences and help you become a more effective leader.

Facilitation - the answer is generally in the room and the role of the Facilitator is to build momentum, interest, involvement and creativity to find the answer and solution. 

Key Note Speaker - achieve the message you're seeking by engaging a speaker who knows the subject inside out and has the skill to communicate and influence. 

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