Everyone is a leader

We believe that everyone has a role in leadership, therefore, everyone is a leader.

Leadership is a verb - it's what we all do to build trust, respect and a culture which invites us all to be the best version of ourselves.

With this belief, we work with clients to build their people's understanding that as adults, everyone is responsible, accountable and there is no space for blame.

Client Case Study - Preparing for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)*

To prepare team leaders and team members to transition to NDIS, our client engaged us to build the leadership capability of their people. In particular, they wanted their leaders to move from being reactive to proactive, differentiate their management role to their team leadership role, understand the power of being part of a leadership team and become familiar with specific leadership behaviours, skills and techniques including engagement practices which were core to our client’s charter.

We identified that to maximise the reach, the ‘next layer of potential leaders’ (aspiring leaders) should also participate in the program. This resulted in a series of short workshops addressing leadership in general and specific leadership skills which were prioritised by the participants to support them be more effective in their ever changing business.

"Thank you for your ongoing email reminders it is very encouraging. It was an overall fantastic two half day leadership workshop and I must say that the true test is transferring it all into practice at work. Although it is quite busy at work I am always consciously reminded daily by my mobile alarm clock to get up on the balcony and reflect more and that has been very powerful for my leadership practice."

Being aware of the demands of the service this business provided, the program was structured to minimise workplace disruption. We introduced aspects of the program which increased the probability of making the leadership learning stick, including: a Leadership Incubator to complete program homework and  Leadership Laboratories to perform live experiments.

Defining Leadership & differentiating Management - both equally as important however seldom both practised effectively in situations

Defining Leadership & differentiating Management - both equally as important however seldom both practised effectively in situations

Other Program components included short surveys to identify needs and their personal evaluation of application, assigning mentors (graduates of the program) and a series of short workshops which build knowledge and skill whilst providing the opportunity to foster relationships with colleagues who are experiencing similar situations.

Program framework:

A series of  workshops to engage the people and build their capability:

Leading Through Change - using a live change issue (e.g. NDIS) to apply the change models, tools and leadership behaviours being explored

Leadership Exploration - uncovering the desire to lead and how everyone is expected to lead in their workplace - 'leadership is a verb, not a nown'

Leadership Activation - exploring default leadership styles and opportunities to develop other leadership styles for situations

Leadership Skills & Behaviour Building - working with organisationally prioritised skills/behaviours which are practised in the leadership laboratory 

Demonstrating Leadership & Accountability - testing the application and making accountable changes and commitments


Feedback from our client included:

  • a consistent observation of changed behaviours resulting in increased accountability and proactivity

  • a desire by staff to participate in the program given the positive talk 'on the floor'

  • the recommended additional components of the program were exactly what we needed in the cycle of change in the workplace

To learn more about our leadership program and how it fits with your transition or transformation in your change, connect with Louise.

*I collaborated with Cynthia Mahoney and continue to work with her and this client - read more about Cynthia Mahoney and Associates on LinkedIn