LEAD Confidently - make your presence felt 

No matter which sector or industry you're in, generation you represent or career stage you're at, women all possess a particular uniqueness. However, the lives of those around us are robbed of this unique leadership due to various behaviours and actions: 

  • We don't talk ourselves up - we talk others up and ourselves down
  • We don't listen to our gut - our fourth and unique sense (and brain)
  • We're competitive - we don't help push other women up the ladder (enough)
  • We don't help each other out (enough) - we miss the opportunity of peer strengths
  • We don't stop long enough to search deep down and understand how to drive positive change in our lives

We also have superwoman powers and strengths which are ready to take on tomorrow's challenges successfully; we're just hesitant to deploy them. 

Lead Confidently is for women who are progressing through their leadership career and would benefit from a leadership framework to proactively navigate their professional development whilst effectively influencing their business. The program model focuses on the dynamics of personal leadership, leading groups and leadership styles.

The program consists of workshops, individual coaching and group mentoring. The key elements of the program include:

Personal Dynamics:

  • Understand self and confidence rating
  • Identify blind spots hindering effectiveness
  • Expand assertive conversation technique repertoire

Group Dynamics:

  • Understand preference to lead or manage 
  • Assess situations and apply appropriate leadership behaviours
  • Drive change effectively

Leadership Dynamics:

  • Understand the influence of an authentic style of leadership
  • Identify superwoman strengths
  • Create a Leadership Development Commitment Plan


If you're the decision maker in your organisation, this program will make a positive difference to the future of your business. Women make the difference when they confidently unleash their talent.


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