key note speaker - louise thomson

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"Louise confidently engages audiences sharing her experience, research and client case studies, covering all aspects of Leadership."


I am fond of taking the floor and taking my audience on a journey which encourages them to take action. My favorite floor approach is involving the audience, opposed to talking at them and I only use PPT to show images. 

My Current Top Four Presentations:

Overnight Leadership - Stepping up into a leadership role and step down from your technical role - what to do in the first 30 days

Everyone is a Leader - Engaging all employees to be part of the change makes change a daily experience - what to do and not do

Leading Generations in the Workforce - Workplaces are successfully engaging Baby Boomers, Gen X & Y and the Digital Natives - how do they use Leadership to do it?

Diffusing Conflict & Infusing Team Spirit - What causes conflict for some will create adrenalin for others - get inside your peoples' heads to create the team spirit

The artful use of storytelling, case-studies and indulging the audience to become involved are general audience comments about Louise's involvement in their conferences.

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Everyone is a Leader

Speaking at this conference in September.