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 Imagine the Possibilities 2017

Imagine the Possibilities 2017

Thanks for attending and participating in my Everyone Is A Leader power session. Given all the action over the whole day, here's a quick reminder of the three key practices which you were asked to experiment with during my Power Session.

Image - Dance Floor.png

balcony & dancefloor

When we jump up on the balcony (in our mind) we get a chance to identify patterns of behaviour which are either pushing or pulling us from what we want to achieve. 

Additional Reading Recommendations

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Dr Stephen R Covey

The must read book to set your leadership foundations.

Connected Leadership - Simon Hayward

This is in my top five must read books for leadership development. It's the latest research in what leadership should look like in your organisation.

Adaptive Leadership - Ronald Heifetz

A rich book filled with research and tools to build your leadership.

The Coaching Habit - Michael Bungay Stanier

A comprehensive guide to asking the right questions to help you lead.

Tribes by Seth Godin, instigated this notion - Everyone is a Leader - he said "Everyone, not just the boss, is expected to lead. This is a super read ... I actually read it one night when I couldn't sleep ... and I couldn't get to sleep after reading it!

Please connect with me to discuss how we can create accountability in your business and organisation. CONNECT.

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Control Model - Jac Phillips.jpeg

circleS of conTROL

The Circles of Control (Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence) is a reminder of what we can and cannot expect ourselves to achieve.

Line of choice.png

line of choice

This line helps us identify the behaviours which add value to the results we aim to achieve and those which make us a victim rather than a victor.