In 2017, leadership is taking on a whole new meaning in business and in peoples' lives.

Leaders need new skills to combat the complexities of change as we can't be expected to solve problems like it was 2010! We need to be able to adapt our style, be nimble, humble and confidently experiment and learn.

Our Leadership performance is paramount: to keep businesses solving problems, and people creating the solutions.

Managers, technical experts, specialists and team members are often faced with the same challenge - becoming 'the' team leader.

Your capability strategy will be strengthened by preparing your tomorrow's leaders today.

team Workshops

When teams collaborate we see the best version of the team. When personalities collide, we see conflict and the team's performance diminishes.

Teams benefit from continual learning and skills to address the complexities of the rapid changes in business. 

Leading Change

For organisations which are transitioning or transforming, it takes courage to lead others through the phases of change.

Here's one approach to consider how to lead organisational change.



In the past week I've read several books to enable me to meet my self imposed challenge - 52 books in 52 weeks.