everyone is a leader

We're into the new fiscal year (2017-2018) and leadership is taking on a whole new meaning in business and in people's lives. Hierarchies are shifting, blaming isn't accepted and everyone is expected to be a leader.

This means leaders need new skills to combat the new expectations and the complexities of change as we can't be expected to change and solve problems like it was 2010! We need to be able to adapt our style, be nimble, humble and confidently experiment and learn.

Our Leadership performance is paramount: to keep businesses solving problems, and people creating solutions we need to help people become leaders in their careers and in their community. Don't let titles and hierarchies get in the way of developing people's leadership.

Everyone is a Leader is a program delivered by workshops, coaching, mentoring and can be delivered as a key note address.

In the photo above, taken by @michaela.treloar.art, I am emceeing an event which a group of dynamic women from the Sandhurst Women's Business Network created and attended.

well-being for women - melbourne

If you're a busy professional woman and find yourself on the treadmill, then take a well-being day away from the workplace and join other women at our well-being workshop.

It's only a week away and we're still taking bookings for our one day wellbeing workshop - it will give you the tools to reflect, refocus and recharge.

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Who's Your Butt-Kicker?

Learn why four people could be the key to your success - four people that essentially are your network.

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Managers, technical experts, specialists and team members are often faced with the same challenge - becoming 'the' team leader.

Your capability strategy will be strengthened by preparing your tomorrow's leaders today. Likewise if you want to be a leader, then be accountable for your leadership development - make a choice and make a difference.

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