How confident are you in providing feedback? Do members in your team know how to provide feedback which is aimed to improve and correct behaviour?

Building the capability of people's' communication repertoire, specifically feedback skills, isn't generally what client's request when we first meet. Through conversations with clients, evidence of tough conversation avoidance, unaddressed poor performance and talent attrition are signals to address this skill.

During a focused Feedback Skills workshop, I introduce a series of  techniques which are practical and immediately implementable. This workshop is suitable for teams, fits well into a conference and requires minimal customization.

We continually receive positive feedback highlighting how helpful this workshop addresses the small habits of people which are causing big problems for the workplace. 

Duration: Three hours face to face 

Group Size: 8-10 people is a good size

Pricing: On request

Inclusions: Handouts

Please connect for additional information and to arrange your workshop.

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