Feedback skills affect profit. People thrive on feedback. Improve your feedback skills. facebook.png

Feedback Skills

The soft skill which is really hard.

It’s so hard people dodge it.

It’s the soft skill which can make the biggest impact in your business.

The greatest disconnect in business is the ability to confidently give and receive feedback.

We rely on our staff coming to work with the right ‘soft skills’ already in place and in working order. We also expect that they have the right attitude, great character, values which match yours and civility to fit in with the team.

However, you and everyone else are social beings and they have feelings. To add to this, people are judgmental and combined with feelings this makes, being a manager, let alone being a leader, a tough role to fulfill.

If you and your staff could confidently give and receive feedback, our relationships will become more effective and you’ll see the business results increase.

Where is your business on the Feedback Index?


Dependent on where you are on the index, will indicate the most appropriate approach to fix your feedback.

For example, if you’re at Level 3 or 4, you may want to consider this approach:

Feedback Skills – Communicating Performance

An interactive workshop targeting your Team Leaders/Managers (responsible for staff & projects) to identify the right feedback frameworks which work in your business/industry and how to train their team to receive and provide feedback.

3-4 hours (depends on number of Team Leaders/Managers)

Feedback Step One.png

If you’re on a mission to change your culture …

Start by demonstrating what you expect.

Feedback Step Two.png

Demonstrate what you expect

Show people what you want to achieve.

Feedback Step Three.png

A Feedback Culture isn’t easy …

Your commitment is required before you can expect your team to be committed.

Feedback Step Four .png

Feedback is more about asking questions

Feedback is about asking first then seeking permission to give feedback.

Feedback Step Five.png

Your role is crucial to create a Feedback Culture.

Start now.