Feedback skills affect profit. People thrive on feedback. Improve your feedback skills. facebook.png

Feedback Skills

The soft skill which we find hard to crack.

We avoid giving feedback and often we dodge receiving feedback.

Let’s create the opportunity to learn the skill which will make a difference in your organisation.

The greatest disconnect in business is the ability to confidently give and receive feedback during conversations.

Let’s fix Feedback:

  • Feedback Skills Workshops - short, Skills based, Simple, On-site

  • A series of practical techniques which are immediately implementable

  • For Managers, Team Leaders, Teams and the Executive Team

  • Mentoring, Coaching and Speaking also available to lift your awareness and performance on this skill

Let’s help you influence your organisation to take Feedback Seriously:

I observe 'tough conversation avoidance' - which results in staff disengagement which leads to attrition and customer dissatisfaction. It could be as simple as having a conversation with someone who has poor hygiene.

How do you currently approach this matter?