Facilitation Skills Clinic

Your ability to facilitate can change the outcome of meetings, the application of your business plan and the involvement of the people which you lead.

Facilitation is not training and definitely not teaching and requires a high level of personal self-awareness to take charge of group, take them on a journey and arrive at a destination with outcomes and outputs.


Facilitation skills are an essential building block for a leader who aims to engage their teams, clients and audience. The capability of facilitation incorporates the competence of communication, decision making, and the ability to quickly assess and understand the  motivation and needs of the group of people to achieve a specific outcome. 

Louise works with the novice and experienced facilitator and enjoys working with teams to build this skill.

Here's an overview of the first level of the two clinics available. It involves:

  • Assessing Current Facilitation Skills – uncovering what you know and what you need to know
  • Preparation Processes – half the work is in the preparation - design, audience engagement and self awareness
  • Matching tools to audience and outcomes - fill your bag with tools as each group you facilitate will be different
  • Techniques to facilitate challenging situations - get out of sticky situation by solving them with facilitation techniques and methods
  • Practise the Practice – the clinic is about practise, reviewing and practising

Timing and duration can be negotiated to fit with your needs.                   

advanced facilitation skills clinic

Aimed at those wishing to strengthen their facilitation skills to ensure they have a total grasp of the direction of the group.

This clinic steps up the pace to address the complexity faced in groups:

  • Understanding the categorization of audiences, issues & goals
  • Impromptu design change application and solution design
  • Broaden repertoire of facilitation techniques e.g. Open Space Technology, Improvisation, Group Mind Mapping
  • Leading difficult subject matters: conflict, change, peer performance, innovation
  • Technology & tools which improve the facilitation process
  • Practise the Practice - 

Six Hour Session

These clinics are aimed to be conducted in your organisation. The size of your group and pricing can be discussed when we connect. 

Please connect with Louise to determine which Clinic best suits your business requirement

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