When did you arrive at a planned destination without any recollection of the journey? Conversely, who consults a talking computer, namely ‘Siri’ to guide you on your journey?

Our lives are busy, yet lack definitive purpose; we say “we’re happy” yet concerned that we haven’t made plans. We’re socially connected on three devices yet sometimes feel lonely. And then we’re bombarded with media hype over which retirement and superannuation plan will provide for our golden days which seem too far into the future.

These sentiments are shared across the media globally and locally. In our roles as consultants and facilitators, we meet people representing the many different/diverse sectors in life and they all shout these same concerns about their current life journey:

-          Confused with their choice of future work and career commitments

-          Curious yet confronted with the decision to pursue their own business

-          Lacking energy and focus to make important decisions.

How familiar do these sound? If so, you’re part of a growing movement and we want to work with you at one of our pit stop workshops - designed to challenge you to slow down, pull into the ‘driver’s pit stop’, and to reflect, review, reshape and recharge – ready to take on the Driver’s role in life.

We use a collection of tools, models, maps and conversations creating an environment to work individually and in small groups. We explore the Relationship Awareness Theory using the Strength Deployment Inventory to build more effective relationships. Each person receives a copy of Do More Great Work by Michael Bungay Stanier – applying several of his MAPs to enable us to stop the busywork and start the work that matters.

It’s full on yet paced to meet the demands of various learning styles, caters for introverts & extroverts and it is a retreat!

Connect with us to learn how you can become involved with our Driving Your life program.


DRIVING YOUR LIFE Program designed & facilitated by Louise Thomson & Cynthia Mahoney

Louise Thomson – www.louisethomson.net 0458-130100

Cynthia Mahoney – www.cynthiamahoney.com.au 0427-622654


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