do your conversations hijack your meetings?

I once read that leadership is a series of conversations. This resonated with me and I find myself analyzing conversations; wishing to understand the purpose, intent and reasoning behind the conversation. When I attend meetings, observing leaders and team members, too often the style of conversation does not suit the intent of the meeting.

I believe we don't have the skill of conversation and we waste an inordinate amount of time on talking rather than informing, agreeing and doing.

Conversation Model

I created this model to guide people to decide what type of conversation they are having and what their intent is for having the conversation.  If we want to agree on a course of action, we don't want to be conversing at a Level 1 or Level 2 conversation for very long - or at all.

Once you understand the Five Levels of Conversation, you can then adapt different techniques and styles to move through the Five Levels, dependent on your intent and the impact you're seeking.

Which CONVERSATIONS is your default?

Like many aspects of our personality, we have defaults. We have become so accustomed to behaving one way that we apply it to all situations in life. Rather than, adapting styles, like our conversation, to suit the situation.

Which level is your default?

1. DIALOGUE - to understand

2. DISCUSSION - to understand and then agree/disagree

3. DECISION - to choose a course of action based on the discussion

4. DIRECTION - to guide movement towards the action

5. DELEGATE - provide specific action accountability

6. DEBATE - advocate various views on the action

7. DICTATE - to assertively advise a course of action

8. DELIVER - share a prepared message

Your action required: learn all conversational styles to enable you to select the most appropriate to suit the situation at the right time.