Louise will emcee the workshop and host her own mini-workshop on Confidence. She knows that confidence is achieved when people, women in this case, experiment with something new and make change. She has her own business which involves leadership development and has a vast experience in helping clients achieve confidence in their lives. She calls herself a Confidence Coach! Louise is a member of The Style Crew.

mini workshop

Louise will host a mini workshop which examines our self worth, self image and you will identify your self brand. One of the activities involves capturing the voice in your head which make commentary on how you look in the mirror.

try this out

When you next go into your wardrobe, tune into the commentary in your head about the clothes you select to wear. Select an item which you haven't worn for a while - what do you think and say to yourself? 

We will discuss three techniques to help you confidently control the choices you make for your total style.

 A workshop which will have you shopping in your wardrobe. 

A workshop which will have you shopping in your wardrobe.