It's a different view from the balcony.

It's a different view from the balcony.


balcony & dancefloor

I first heard this term whilst attending a leadership program with McKinsey Consulting. We were being prepped for a major change at our company and we were going to be the change agents.

It originated from Adaptive Leadership, Ron Heifetz of Harvard College and it had a profound impact on my role as a leader. Too often we view life in one dimension, when really, life has many views. And one easy additional view is our own - outer body view!

Practice: Stand up, close your eyes and take yourself up on the imaginary balcony.  What do you see?

Leadership is reflecting on patterns of behaviour to determine if they are adding value to self and others. Making an impact. It’s about slowing down, suspending reactions – the pause button is the Balcony Button.

Dancefloor is the content, what is happening on the ground.

Balcony is observations of human behaviour.

You can jump up on the balcony at any time to take a moment to see what else is going on . To determine if your approach, your involved is adding value or not.

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